15 minutes

 Everybody has a dream. But, is that the right terminology? To say that the thousands of days that we have on this earth should be spent chasing a vision procreated during our sleep cycle, is just as elusive as a dream. Wake up!!! Let's make it a reality. Manifest the dream. Let's not look for the 15 minutes. Let's make a mainstay, a statement that we were here. A Superstar is surrounded by many stars, with some shining brighter than the alleged center of attention. It's less about knowing your worth and more about understanding the value of what is being administered. Learning, loving, building and protecting what we create is our opportunity in life. Accepting that the world does not pertain to us, but knowing that it is us who pertains to the world is the key. FATCATOGC, LLC

Self-discovery and multi-media. Good or bad?

In this day and age being cluttered with social propaganda and promotional rhetoric, it’s just part of the norm. Everyone's looking for acceptance, a thumbs up, or the next big trend. Everyone is simply just looking at everyone else, and discerning what it is that they should do. This in itself is the petrification of evolution. Not in the sense of solidation. But, more so a vehicle for prehistoric entrapment. Without people spreading out and heading in their own direction, whether it be singular or as a faction. Separation may have been the very precipice for evolution. Originality is not formed in the saturation of conformity. But born, in the bowels indifferences. Dare to be you. Create a path and keep going. Trending for humanity should only be, survival, dedication, existence, and love. Let's create the spark that reignites the universe. FATCATOGC, LLC

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Everything in life is temporary so make memories

Be definite in your stance. We must overcome and evolve 


A gift of praise to the skies adorned

Symbolic are the Children of the storm


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