I, am Fatcatogc. I am a simplistic complication born into the storm. I've lived and dreamed and dreamt to live.  My mission is to simply be me and to be heard. Life is a process, so if I can help inspire and motivate someone to further understand their processes through expressive creativity and understanding. Then I'm all in.... Symbolic are the children of the storm, a gift of praise to the skies adorned. Be you!!!!!!

FATCATOGC O.M.O - Executive Creations

Hello, I'm Deajene Jones, a.k.a Fatcatogc. I'm known by many, understood by almost none. The direction that I have chosen has led me nowhere. I've always been driven to thrive,but what i'm thriving for is no longer clear. All that I have encompassed has become secondary, only the chopping down of trees and stepping into the unknown excites me.

I fear that a war has been waged on the psyche and it is difficult to ascertain which side you are playing for. I've learned to do only one thing,  protect myself. I would tell you to be honest with yourself, however, is that even clear in this day and age consisting of different truths and realities?

I've become the odd man out, no longer knowing or caring to coincide with the existence that I've come to know. I hereby decree Fatcatogc O.M.O.  the annexing of our universe. We are no longer reaching out, we know longer seek to break bread.

Deajene Jones - WRITER



Choice to choose


Deajene Jones



I was born in a flash of lightning on a day that  thundered so hard that some folks were to say that God was upset and stomped  his foot down and that place would be known to become Poplar Bluff, Missouri.


Now they say on a hot day in August that you could hear Seraphim singing as clear as the day is long and Gabriel was just playing his trumpet away. I was born into a loving family that practiced the Art of Soul Food and frequented Church. ,A whole family of Ushers and those who sang in the choir since the beginning of our church's history.  Yes indeed, God blessed the ancients! Well now, them yunginz a whole different story, bonafide hellions with just a touch of God's favor and it was to the favorite that I would be born.

Like old Mark Twain

Now during my whole young life I had a hankering for throwing rocks, playing with dogs, eating and singing music. My Momma stayed at the sale barn hocked, and crochets and made macrame in order to buy me a guitar. Which she did several times over and I either lost or broke them whatever the case would be. I failed to mention that at my Great-Grandmother's house there was a piano that we were forbidden to play on that I often played. Somehow between all those simplistic complications was born a diverse passion and drive to express and create the scenes that were embroidered into the tapestry of my soul. In those very seeds sown would be the breath of what would come to be known as  FATCATOGC.



Symbolic are the Children of the storm

A gift of praise to the skies adorned